Hosts Academy

Make progress with your project with the best practices from hosts from all over the world.

Introduction to Worldpackers for beginner hosts

First time hosting volunteers? Here are our tips about how collaborative experiences can transform your project

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Introduction to Worldpackers for experienced hosts

Already used to having volunteers in your project? Here are some tips on how to enjoy everything Worldpackers has to offer!

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Get more applications from enthusiastic volunteers

Not getting the expected amount of applications from volunteers at Worldpackers? Use the platform features in your favor and have volunteers whenever you need them!

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Welcome best-fit volunteers by improving your recruitment process

Looking for some awesome experiences with volunteers? Check our recruitment tips and guarantee the most committed people to your project!

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Tips on how to manage conflicts with volunteers

Have you gotten some feedback or had an experience that didn't go as planned? Check our tips on how to deal with unexpected situations and avoid new difficulties in the future.

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