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The best places in the US for solo female travelers

Are you looking for the best places for solo female travelers in the US? Don’t worry, you have reached your destination.



Solo female traveling is not always easy to do. Unfortunately, there are more things to keep in mind and to be careful about. And some destinations are better than others, when talking about solo female travels.

The US is a great destination for solo female travelers. It is easy to stroll around, the places and cities are in general very safe, and if you just follow some easy guidelines, you won’t have any problem -and might have the best time of your life.

The US is a very huge country, it’s not easy to pick a destination. In this article, you will find out the best places to travel solo female in US, according to different factors and elements.

Safety tips for solo female travel in the US

Firstly, let’s start talking about some safety tips for solo female travel in the US. They are pretty much the same as all the other countries, some easy rules to follow when you are traveling solo, to make your life easier, your trip smooth, and to avoid any issue. Important things to do before starting your journey:  

1. Research the destination

You have to know very well where you are going. In this way you can avoid unpleasant situations, and you know the things that can be done and the things not to do.

For example, it’s important to know the neighborhoods beforehand, in order to book your accommodation in the safest area, and avoid going in areas that are not safe to walk, especially alone.

2. Know how to use transportation

The other thing to know is how to use transportation. Some bad things like pickpocketing usually happen on transportation, but if you know how to move, the best way to get around is using it. So don’t worry too much about it, just be careful.

3. Don't carry much 

A good thing to do is not carrying too much stuff with you. Leave the essential stuff at your accommodation. Don’t bring too much money with you and all your credit cards and documents. You don’t need all this stuff, and not carrying it will save it from being stolen.

4. Be aware of your surroundings 

Don’t keep your belongings in places where you can’t fully see them, always hold your bag tight, look around to see if there is something or someone that you don’t like, and in that case, go away.

5. Trust your instinct

Trust your instinct: chances are high that he’ll be right most of the time. By doing so, you can be both cautious and open-minded/relaxed. That way, it will be easier to make friends - the world is full of nice people, not everyone wants to hurt you.

And remember, you don’t have to be afraid or ashamed to ask for help if you need it. You’ll always find someone ready to help you.

Top 5 best places for solo female travel in the US

Now that you know some good safety tips, it’s time to talk about some of the best places to travel solo female in US. We picked the top 5 in this article, according to some elements like:

  •  Walkable cities and public transportation
  • Food, culture, and outdoor activities
  • Safe neighborhoods and low crime rate

1. New York City, New York

New York is one of the best destinations in the US for solo female travelers. It is a big city, but also very safe. It is walkable, it’s easy to get around, and public transportation is very good, thanks to the underground that goes everywhere you need. 

If you are looking for a safe neighborhood to stay in, you have plenty to choose from. And the food is amazing, and you can find it from almost any nationality you can imagine

There are so many activities to do that you would need months to do them all. So if you are just starting your first trip as a solo female traveler and don’t know where to go, New York is a good place to start.

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is not the first city you think about when planning a trip to the US -but you should. It is one of the safest cities and there is so much to do and see up there.

So close to Canada, it is not only a nice city to visit, but its surroundings are so beautiful, like the famous Olympic National Park. The locals are very friendly, and you will make some new friends in no time. It is a very nice destination to discover as a solo female traveler.

3. Portland, Oregon

Not too far from Seattle there is Portland, another underestimated but super cool destination to pick. Portland is another safe city to walk around and visit, and Oregon itself has so many outdoor activities. Some are easy to reach from Portland.

If you love to go hiking and love to be surrounded by nature, you should consider Portland.

4. San Francisco, California

It was impossible not to add San Francisco to the list of best places to solo female travel in the US. San Francisco is maybe the safest city in California, and it’s the best city to walk.  

There is so much to do, the food is amazing, and the locals are super friendly. It is impossible to leave San Francisco without new friends. It's on the bucket list of almost every traveler, so it should be on yours too.

5. Austin, Texas

Last but not least, you should consider Austin, Texas, for your solo female trip in the US.

Texas is not the first state in the US that solo female travelers may consider, but you should give it a chance. Texan people are friendly, they are always open for a chat, and for a delicious barbecue party!

Food is delicious in Austin, and the city is walkable and nice. It will be hard for you to feel alone and uncomfortable in this city. Give it a chance and you won’t regret it.

Volunteer as a solo female traveler in the US

Have you ever thought about volunteering during your travels? It is a very good way to make friends and feel safer as a solo female traveler.

Let me introduce you Worldpackers, a platform where you can look for volunteering positions all around the world. It is a great opportunity for a solo female traveler. 

Let me explain to you how it works: you work some hours per day for your host, and in exchange for your help, you get free accommodation and sometimes free board. 

It's not only a good opportunity to save money, especially in countries such as the US, which are very expensive, but it is also a good way to meet other travelers. 

The other volunteers are travelers like you, and they can become your new travel mates. You also get in touch with locals, such as your host, who can give you good advice about the place you are visiting.

Combining volunteer work with solo traveling is definitely the best thing you can do, on different levels. Worldpackers is full of volunteering positions in the US, for you to have a look.

Now you know all the safety tips, the top places to go in the US and, also, that you can volunteer, save tons of money, and make new friends.

At this point, there is nothing that can scares you. You just have to go out there and have the time of your life, making unforgettable memories.

If you want Worldpackers to be part of these memories and let it help you to live the best trip ever, you just have to subscribe to one of our plans, and you are all ready to start.

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