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7 careers in healthcare that allow you to travel as a volunteer

Explore 7 healthcare careers for travel enthusiasts and volunteers – blending medicine with wanderlust. Your adventure awaits!



Healthcare and travel may seem worlds apart. But what if they weren't?

This piece introduces seven unique careers in healthcare that not only satisfy your love for medicine but also quench your thirst for travel and volunteering.

The world truly becomes your oyster when tackling these two desires head-on!

Careers in healthcare to travel as a volunteer

1. Medical Biller

A medical biller ensures the accurate billing of healthcare services. This role allows a unique kind of flexibility -- it can be done remotely!

With an Internet connection and requisite software, you could find yourself on a beach in Bali or hiking the Andes while working.

If becoming one is your next career goal, having reliable courses to guide you on how to become a medical biller might be a crucial step.

2. Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you’re typically assigned to various areas needing short-term staff support. You get the thrill of a new city every few months – and with each move, comes different experiences.

This allows you to satisfy your love for nursing while exploring the world.

Plus, it provides an excellent opportunity to volunteer with child or elderly care.

3. Nutrition on the Go: Dietician

Can you think of someone better to promote a healthy lifestyle than a traveling dietician? As a dietician, your skills can be useful in any corner of the world.

Developing culinary skills while volunteering can be a source of immense satisfaction and personal growth. it will allow you to tailor your nutrition expertise to the local ingredients and culinary traditions.

Opting for this career can turn your passion for nutrition into meaningful work in a project that needs your help.

4. Public Health Worker

A public health worker can take on various roles -- from policy development to research to education and more. Traveling the world and volunteering are also a significant part of this.

By volunteering in different parts of the world, these professionals gain a deeper appreciation for the complex interplay of culture, geography, and socio-economic factors that influence people's health.

This job takes caring for community health to a worldwide scale, allowing you to make a significant impact on people's lives while traveling.

5. Traveling Phlebotomist

You can exercise your technical skills while quenching your wanderlust ambitions as a traveling phlebotomist. This role takes you to different hospitals, clinics, and blood donation centers around the world.

You can also use this flexible career pathway to learn about different cultures, languages, and healthcare practices around the world. 

Paired with the satisfaction of helping save lives, it's a 'new challenge' and an exciting option for those ready to step out of the traditional healthcare setting.

6. Piloting Patient Care: Flight Paramedic

A flight paramedic is definitely not your ordinary career choice in healthcare and it’s an option that will take you to new heights, literally!

You could be jetting off to remote places or crisis hotspots where immediate medical attention is required.

Being part of this aerial life-saving squad does not only offer dynamic job experiences but also unique travel experiences. So, fasten that seatbelt and prepare for lift-off!

7. Physical Therapist

This career doesn't have to be confined to within the walls of some clinic. As a traveling physical therapist, you get to take your rehabilitation skills to those who need them most irrespective of location.

You might find yourself working in a temporary setup or providing services to homebound patients across different cities. Those more into holistic, complementary techniques can also consider becoming a yoga instructor or similar adjunct therapies.

It’s an exciting career path that beautifully blends the art of healing with the love for exploration and volunteering.

In conclusion

Working in the healthcare sector doesn't, and shouldn't mean burying your travel dreams. These seven career paths demonstrate that healthcare opportunities often complement a spirit of exploration and volunteering.

With careful consideration and planning, you could transform your professional journey into one where healing hearts and exploring new horizons blend seamlessly. Your dream adventure in healthcare awaits!

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