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Farm work: a guide to global agricultural volunteering

Explore global farm work opportunities! From volunteering to work exchanges and career services, start your agricultural adventure today.



Imagine a life-changing experience, getting your hands dirty in the soil while learning about sustainable farming. Welcome to the world of Farm work

This ain't just about baling hay or milking cows. Oh no! There's an intricate tapestry woven from threads of volunteering opportunities worldwide, career services, skills training grants and more. It's about building a community centered around ecological farming and sustainable practices.

In this article, we're going to delve into volunteering on farms with Worldpackers. This platform connects visitors with organic farmers, fostering cultural and educational exchanges. 

Farm work: volunteering opportunities worldwide

Farm work: Agriculturists harvesting

Welcome to Worldpackers, a unique platform that opens up an exciting world of travel and volunteer opportunities. 

If you've ever dreamed about working on a farm, living close to nature, and learning about sustainable practices, Worldpackers is the perfect place for you.

Our platform works in a simple yet effective way. We connect travelers like yourself with hosts from all around the globe who are seeking volunteers for various tasks. 

In exchange for your help, these hosts provide accommodation and often meals too - giving you the chance to travel affordably while also making positive contributions wherever you go.

What does farm work entail?

Farm work can be incredibly diverse depending on where in the world you choose to volunteer. You might find yourself helping out with organic farming in Australia or taking care of animals at a dairy farm in India. 

Tasks can include planting crops, harvesting produce, feeding livestock or even assisting with eco-project initiatives.

The benefits of this type of work extend far beyond just free room and board though! Working on a farm allows you to learn new skills such as permaculture or animal husbandry; it gives an insight into local cultures; promotes physical health through outdoor labor; fosters community spirit among fellow volunteers; and encourages environmental stewardship by connecting us more closely with our food sources.

Why choose farm work with Worldpackers?

  • Diverse opportunities: Explore a variety of farm work positions worldwide, from organic farming in Australia to tending green pastures in South Africa.
  • Community building: Beyond labor, it's about constructing a community centered around ecological farming and sustainable practices.
  • Skill development: Learn new skills such as permaculture design, animal husbandry, and more, contributing to your personal and professional growth.
  • Cultural exchange: Immerse yourself in different cultures by connecting with local communities and fellow volunteers.
  • Global impact: Contribute to environmental stewardship and sustainability by getting closely involved with food sources.
  • Personal growth: Step out of your comfort zone, fostering personal growth, resilience, and adaptability.
  • Networking: Build connections with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable agriculture and responsible travel.

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How to find a good work exchange in a farm


If you're looking for an enriching and immersive travel experience, Worldpackers offers unique opportunities through farm work exchanges worldwide. But how do you find the right one that suits your skills and interests? Here's a guide on how to navigate our platform effectively:

Using platform filters

To start your search, simply navigate to Worldpackers’ search page and select "farm", "Farmstay" or "Permaculture project" under the "host type" filter, or navigate the broader cathegory "Eco program". 

This will display all available hosts offering farm-related experiences. You can enhance your search by applying additional filters, including location, duration of stay, and the specific skills required.

  • Location: Select from a range of regions including Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, and Africa, or opt for specific countries that align with your desired exploration for your farm stay experience.
  • Duration: Choose the duration of your volunteer commitment at each host, with options spanning from short-term stays (1-4 weeks) to several months or even longer periods.
  • Skillset: Specify any skills you possess and would be happy to put to use, such as gardening expertise or animal care know-how.

Reading reviews

To ensure you have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience during your work exchange program at a farm, it’s essential to check out reviews from previous volunteers who've been there before.

On the platform, you will have access to over 80,000 transparent reviews made by travelers about their volunteering experiences through our double-blind review process.

The reviews section provides firsthand accounts of volunteers' experiences with hosts around the world. This includes information about working conditions, accommodation facilities provided by host farms, among others, which is invaluable when making decisions.

Crafting your profile

Your profile is like your resume; it tells potential hosts what they need to know about you: why are you interested in volunteering at their farm? What relevant skills do you possess? 

Make sure it reflects not only who you are but also highlights any past volunteer experiences or special abilities related directly towards farming activities if applicable. 

Also remember be honest – honesty goes long way building trust between both parties!

Applying for a position

Finding perfect position isn’t enough though – once found dream role apply! It might seem daunting initially however don't worry because we've got plenty helpful tips tricks help throughout application process too! 

When applying, it's important to write a personalized message explaining why you're interested in the position and how your skills match what they are looking for. Be sure to be respectful and professional.

Examples of farm work positions around the world

If you're an adventurous traveler looking to immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience, farm work volunteering could be your perfect match. Here are some examples from different corners of the globe:

1. Farm work in Australia

Australia is renowned for its vast agricultural industry and offers numerous opportunities for volunteers. 

How about helping out on a small farm near the Gold Coast, just over the Queensland border? The hosts of this property welcome travelers from around the world to assist with gardening, kitchen duties, cleaning, and farming.

The exchange involves 25 hours per week with two days off to explore the region. In return, the volunteer receives accommodation in a private room and all meals provided.

  • Liked it? Check out all the details of the position here.

Farm work: volunteer in Australia

2. Farm work in the UK

The United Kingdom has a rich farming tradition that dates back centuries. In Northern Ireland, there's an opportunity to help on a beautiful farm.

There, volunteers can learn how to run a permaculture/natural farm, occasionally clearing the jungle, gathering and processing food, taking care of chickens, ducks, a dog, and a cat, as well as participating in occasional repairs and natural building projects around the house.

In return, volunteers receive accommodation in a private room, all meals, and a permaculture course. That sounds good, doesn't it? 

  • Take a look at all the details of the position here.

Volunteer engaging in farm work in the UK

3. Organic farm in Thailand

A warm welcome awaits you at this charming organic farm nestled between Paï and Chiang Maï in Thailand. 

This farmstay offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to learn the art of crafting bamboo musical instruments, creating traditional garments worn by the Karen people, and mastering jungle survival techniques. Your experience here promises to be both educational and culturally enriching.

In this position, volunteers contribute for 25 hours per week, with two days off, and receive accommodation and all meals (subject to an additional fee).

  • See more details here.

Volunteer engaging in farm work in Thailand

Farm work in India

How about discovering the rural landscapes of India? Nestled in a picturesque setting with a serene rural backdrop, volunteers are warmly invited to immerse themselves in the authentic farm life experience.

In this position, volunteers can assist with various tasks such as cooking, gardening, social media, and related activities. In exchange for 25 hours of weekly commitment, travelers receive accommodation in a shared room and all meals.

  • Take a look at all the details of the position here.

Volunteer engaging in farm work in India

Farm work opportunitie in the USA

In America’s heartland, there are countless ways to contribute as a volunteer — whether it's working with horses on a ranch or helping out at an urban community garden. 

An example of a position there is this farm where volunteers can assist with the care of horses and other animals, as well as gardening. In exchange, besides gaining valuable knowledge, they receive accommodation in a private room and all meals.

  • Check out this exciting position available here.

Volunteer engaging in farm work in the USA

Farm work in South Africa

How about experiencing life on a farm in the savannas of Kenya? Over there, there's a fantastic volunteer opportunity.

In this farm,  you'll have the opportunity to engage in animal care, contributing to the well-being of various animals. Additionally, immerse yourself in social work, aiding local projects and communities. 

As a volunteer, you'll have two days off each week to explore the surroundings. Your accommodations feature a private room, and all meals are provided.

  • Take a look at all the details of the position here.

No matter where you choose to volunteer, remember that the most important thing is not just about working but also learning and exchanging cultures. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Worldpackers!

How to have a great experience working in a farm: 8 tips

Woman taking care of a plant

Embarking on a journey as a volunteer farm worker through Worldpackers can be an enriching and life-changing experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your adventure:

1. Communicating with hosts about work responsibilities

Your first step should be establishing clear communication with your host. Discuss your duties, hours, and expectations before arriving at the farm. This will ensure that both parties understand what is expected and there are no surprises once you arrive.

2. Understanding living conditions and amenities

Farm living can vary greatly from one location to another. Use Worldpackers' platform features, such as reviews and photos, to get an idea of where you'll be staying and what facilities will be available.

3. Assessing personal strengths and interests

Prioritize positions that align with your skills or interests. If you love animals, consider working on livestock farms; if gardening is more appealing, look for opportunities in organic farming or permaculture projects.

4. Packing clothing suitable for farm work

Dress appropriately for hard labor - sturdy boots, durable pants, hats for sun protection are all essential items when packing for a stint on the farm.

5. Demonstrating strong work ethic

A positive attitude goes along way! Be prepared to put in effort into every task assigned – this not only helps out but also enhances your learning experiences!

6. Fostering community spirit on the farm

Create bonds by participating in communal activities like cooking meals together or sharing stories around bonfires during downtime.

7. Taking advantage of downtime for local exploration

Use your free time to explore the surroundings. Whether it's a nearby town, nature trail or cultural site, these experiences can add an extra layer of richness to your farm work journey.

8. Embracing learning opportunities

Farm work is not just about physical labor; it's also a chance to learn new skills and gain insights into sustainable living practices. Soak up as much knowledge as you can during your stay!

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