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Financial planning for travel: how to budget, save, and manage your expenses

After traveling for over a year, I developed the ideal financial plan for any kind of trip. Discover how much money you need to travel, how to save it, and how to make the most of your money on the road! Enjoy, and start putting everything into practice now!

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Rafael Dallacqua

Viaje com Intensidade

Autor da págna Viaje com Intensidade no Instagram, Rafael abandonou a vida de mercado financeiro para se aventurar pelo mundo, hoje viajar é seu estilo de vida. Viajou sozinho, de forma independente, baixo custo e buscando uma imersão cultural, durante 2 anos por 35 países em 4 continentes, e mostra que o segredo é um bom planejamento.

What will you learn?

  • The different kinds of travel profiles, and how to plan financially according to yours
  • How to put together an initial plan and budget your travel expenses starting there
  • The best time to start planning
  • How much money you need to travel
  • How to save the money you need for your trip
  • How to safeguard and transfer your money
  • How to manage your travel expenses

6 lessons • 1h6min

The travel mindset

  • 15min

The travel plan

  • 6min

How much money do I need to travel?

  • 17min

How do I save money for a trip?

  • 12min

How to safeguard and transfer your money

  • 9min

How to manage your expenses during a trip

  • 7min

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7 I learned how to plan my trip

6 I discovered useful tools and materials

5 I learned advanced concepts

3 It brought me more self-awareness

2 I learned basic concepts

2 I learned new technical skills


Horiana New Zealand

it was a cool nice introduction course into planning for a long term trip

about 1 month ago


shaila Colombia

El curso me genero nuevos conocimientos y me ayudo a crear mi presupuesto para mi proximo viaje de forma mas realista.

2 months ago


Mariana Argentina

Awesome! super useful!

2 months ago


Erin United Kingdom

Very informative and thoroughly explained every section

5 months ago


Alkisti Greece

I liked Rafael's technical and analytical approach in determining his finacial plan for any kind of travel type, from cost assessment prior to traveling to decision-making on expenses. The course itself is very well-structured, and his clear explanation makes it very enjoyable to watch!

8 months ago


Mackenzie United States

I loved how I’m depth the instructor explained how he saved, and the visuals he included with charts was so helpful! His quiz in the begging about your travel type was also a good reality check before beginning the budgeting aspect.

9 months ago

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