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6 of the best locations to visit in Europe if you love craft beer

Embark on a European beer odyssey! Explore Belgium's Trappist ales, Munich's Reinheitsgebot tradition, Amsterdam's craft scene, Prague's pilsners and more!



Craft beer fanatics, this journey is for you! Europe, celebrated for its long-standing brewing tradition, has started a craft beer revolution. So, pack your thirst for new flavors and join us on this hoppy voyage across the continent.

Discover hole-in-the-wall breweries that offer the utmost indulgence to your taste buds. From Belgian alehouses to Munich beer gardens, Amsterdam canals to Dublin's bustling pubs - there's an exciting world of frothy pints waiting for you.

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Now with those entrepreneurial dreams spurred on, let's toast to our first stop in the world of European craft beers!

1. Belgium’s beer culture

Belgium, a country smaller than Maryland, packs an astonishing range of beers. Renowned worldwide for its Trappist ales brewed in monasteries and farmhouse saisons with their earthy notes, it's no surprise that this nation's beer culture is among UNESCO's world intangible heritages.

In cities like Brussels and Bruges, you'll find lively beer bars serving Trappist brews, traditional lambics, fruity krieks, and much more. Each possesses a distinct pour style to enhance the flavors and aroma!

So head to Belgium if you're ready to expand your appreciation for craft beers beyond IPAs and stouts into unusual styles and brewing techniques galore.

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2. Germany's liquid bread

Known globally for its Oktoberfest, Germany offers an immersive beer experience and Munich is its epicenter. German beers are characterized by their variety, quality, and adherence to the 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law), ensuring every pint is brewed using only barley, water, and hops.

Venture into a communal beer garden in Munich or visit the city’s iconic Hofbräuhaus. It's here that you'll discover traditional brews like crisp Helles (light beers), malty Dunkels (dark beers), wheat-loaded Weissbier, and unfiltered Kellerbier.

So step into a world of rigorous adherence to tradition coupled with equally stunning beer innovations.

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3. Amsterdam's brewing scene

Amsterdam, the city known for tulips, canals, and windmills, has quietly transformed into a craft beer haven. Among the many things to do in Amsterdam, you should also explore the brewing scene in the city. It reflects the Dutch spirit filled with creativity and zest.

The city offers everything from small taprooms tucked away in winding streets to breweries like Brouwerij 't IJ and De Prael. They churn out thirst-quenching blonde ales, hop-forward IPAs, dark porters infused with coffee or chocolate notes, and even beers inspired by old-world Belgian styles.

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4. Capture the craic with craft beers in Dublin

Dublin, the home of Guinness, has experienced a renaissance in its beer culture. Alongside the revered stout flows a wide array of craft beers in pubs across this Irish city. The atmosphere here is simply unbeatable: great conversations, infectious laughter, folk music, and a pint!

Make your way to Porterhouse Brewing Company – Ireland’s first brewpub, or visit Teeling Whiskey Distillery which hosts the locally loved Galway Brewery's taproom. You'll discover Ireland’s craft scene brimming with rich stouts, red ales, and other intriguing beer styles.

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5. Czech it out - discover pilsners in Prague

The Czech Republic holds the title of highest beer consumption per capita. Prague, its capital, is a veritable paradise for beer lovers. The city teems with historic breweries and pubs serving world-renowned Czech pilsners and craft beers.

Visit U Fleků, one of the oldest breweries in the world, still serving its famous dark lager. Or head to První Novoměstský Restaurací Pivovar where traditional Czech lagers meet innovative brews.

Whether you're a fan of light, crisp pilsners or seeking to explore rich, malty ambers – this city has a sudsy surprise pouch for everyone. So experience delightful Czech tradition rooted deeply in every pint.

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6. Scotland’s passion for porters and stouts

Scotland may be globally recognized for its premium whisky production, but the land of kilts and castles also has a rich tapestry of brewing history. The Scots have a particular love for potent beers like porters and stouts, which pair perfectly with cool Scottish evenings.

Venture into Edinburgh’s BrewDog pub or visit Drygate, Glasgow's first experiential craft brewery. You'll find plenty of complex beers with deep malt character, from traditional scotch ales to roaring imperial stouts.

So place Scotland on your European beer tour itinerary and experience firsthand how this nation balances its brewing tradition with modern craft innovations.

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So there you have it, six essential pitstops for every craft beer enthusiast traveling across Europe. Each offers a unique taste and brewing style that's sure to make your journey unforgettable. Happy hopping!

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