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Mastering Female Solo Travel

I've traveled to 7 countries, about 20 cities, and different various islands within the span of my 20 years of living. I've learned many things about traveling ALONE as a woman and would like to share everything I've learned


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Hello beautiful people of the internet! My name is Tiffany and I've been traveling the world solo for the past 2 years (I'm currently 21) and been to 5 countries including Zanzibar. My first 2 experiences with worldpackers have been in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and San Francisco, California and I plan on continuing my travels with the company. Let's go explore the world together!

6 lessons • 42min

Mastering Female Solo Travel - Intro

  • 3min

Staying safe as a solo woman. Tips & Advice from an experienced solo female traveler

  • 9min

Great countries/destinations to travel as a solo woman

  • 8min

Benefits/hardships of solo female travel

  • 7min

Prepping for a solo backpacking/travel trip (budgeting, itinerary, plan, resources, accommodation)

  • 7min

How to conquer fear of travelling alone as a woman

  • 8min

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165 It brought me more self-awareness

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103 I learned new interpersonal skills

61 I developed social and environmental awareness


Jasmine Canada

Definitely the video to watch to start becoming confident in solo travel :)

8 days ago


Malina France

As a girl who projects to do solo trips, this course was really helpfull to make myself more confident!

13 days ago


Hamid Iran


14 days ago


Iina Finland

:) this was amazing and very helpful!!

15 days ago


Chloe United States

It’s always reassuring to hear from other female travelers and about their personal experience

21 days ago


Alina Mexico

It was really nice :) I think that the fear of solo traveling for the first time is something we all can relate to specially as women

26 days ago

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