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Finding yourself through solo travel: a personal journey

Unleash the power of solo travel post-breakup: self-discovery, financial freedom, and well-being. Embrace the journey, make lifelong connections, and shape your unique path.



Traveling alone can be a powerful and transformative experience, especially after a breakup. Not being surrounded by familiar places and mutual friends reduces thoughts about the ex. Getting accustomed to being independent again may take some time, but once you embrace solo travel, there's no turning back. Here are the main advantages of a personal journey without companions.

Advantages of a single travel journey

1. Know yourself better

Traveling solo requires making independent decisions and being aware of your emotions in the present moment. It provides an opportunity to learn about oneself, including identifying personal preferences and desires when given complete autonomy. Although it may sound cliché, traveling alone is undoubtedly a voyage of self-discovery.

2. Financial savings

Traveling alone is generally more cost-effective than traveling with kids or family. You have the freedom to set your budget and spend it as you please. You can decide whether to grab a quick snack on the go or indulge in a luxurious meal. 

You can also choose to have a relaxed day to save money for later in your travels. Accommodation for one is also cheaper as you only need a single bed. In fact, you can even consider renting a room in a studio apartment to save further.

3. You don't have to care about anyone else

Being in control of decisions while traveling offers a unique advantage: the freedom to follow your desires and preferences on any given day. 

Unlike when traveling with a group or family, where compromises are often necessary to accommodate everyone's needs, traveling solo grants you the authority to choose the restaurant, wake up at your preferred time, or even relax by the pool if fatigue sets in.

4. Opportunity to improve language skills

When traveling in a group, there's no real need to learn the native language. You can converse with your fellow travelers or rely on them to communicate when necessary. 

However, when traveling alone, you'll encounter situations where you must interact with people who don't speak your language. 

Although challenging, with time, you'll learn a few words and phrases in another language, often enough to convey your message. Who knows, if you travel long enough, you might even come back able to construct simple sentences!

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5. Positive effect on well-being

Combining the benefits of solo travel with the positive impacts on mental health has been widely acknowledged. Escaping the routine and leaving behind familiar faces can be an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Research indicates that traveling alone can boost endorphin levels, leading to increased happiness, while also reducing stress and depression. At Flavours Holidays, more than 80% of our guests prefer solo travel.

6. Opportunity to make friends

Traveling alone offers a multitude of benefits, one of which includes the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of individuals. These interactions often result in the establishment of long-lasting friendships. 

Initially, the prospect of engaging in conversations with strangers may appear daunting; however, after just a few hours of traveling, you will come to realize that initiating conversations is much simpler than anticipated. 

Both groups and fellow solo travelers are typically inclined to engage in dialogue, and you may even find yourself joining a group if you bond well with them. 

Countless anecdotes exist of individuals forging lifelong friendships through their shared travel experiences. Who knows, perhaps this could happen to you as well.

7. Leaving your comfort zone

When you travel with friends, the resolution to any navigation challenges often comes through collaborative troubleshooting. However, embarking on a solo journey necessitates independent problem-solving, cultivating resilience, and fostering self-assurance. 

Moreover, when on a customized itinerary, the availability of a 24/7 emergency helpline ensures immediate assistance from local contacts.

8. You can make your own decisions

While traveling with others, it is common to encounter different preferences and schedules. However, when you are exploring solo, your choices are solely yours to make. This necessitates relying on your instincts and enhances your decision-making skills, benefiting you beyond your travels.

>> While traveling alone has many benefits, it also comes with increased stress. You need to book hotels, buy plane tickets, rent a car, etc. You will most likely have to unblock websites, especially if you book in advance from your home region. To restore access to blocked websites, you need to use a VeePN. It can virtually take you almost anywhere by providing the IP address of the target country.


We encourage you to embark on a transformative self-discovery journey through solo travel. Take the time to discover your true self, embracing the person you are now, distinct from your teenage years, a decade ago, or even last year. Solo travel presents a chance to explore and cultivate your desired identity.

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