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The best things to do in Wales: much more than hikes in nature

Let's discover the best (and unusual) things to do in Wales, a little hidden gem in Britain where you will find much more than just hikes and natural things to see.

Christelle ambr

Aug 09, 2023


things to do in Wales

Wales… yes, as in the UK and not Australia (that's New South Wales). I never had this destination as something to tick off my bucket list, until living in the UK for a bit. This part of the UK actually has so much to offer, especially for nature lovers.

Wales (Cymru in Welsh) is actually a country within its own right, in southwest Great Britain. It’s mainly known for its Celtic culture, Cardiff being the capital, mountainous natural parks and beautiful coastlines.

Here are some basic facts:

  • Population : a little over 3 million (3.1 in 2019)
  • Primary Languages: Welsh, English
  • Area: 20 779 km2
  • Climate: Maritime, very variable with precipitation (aka, it rains a lot)
  • Regions: 6, the rugged central heartland, the North Wales lowlands and Isle of Anglesey county, the Cardigan coast (Ceredigion county), the southwestern lowlands, industrial South Wales, and the Welsh borderland.

Though it might seem like the type of country with not many things to see and visit, it's actually quite the opposite: there are loads of things to do in Wales!