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What to bring camping: an essential guide

Get ready for your next adventure with our guide on what to bring camping. From essential equipment to helpful tips, discover everything you need to know right here!



When preparing for an outdoor adventure, knowing what to bring camping is crucial for a successful trip. With the right camping essentials, you can make your journey into the great outdoors comfortable and enjoyable.

This comprehensive camping supplies checklist includes items that will provide comfortable places to sleep, food preparation tools for hungry campers, and key product suggestions to ensure safety during your perfect camping excursion. In addition, we will give you a tip on how to camp on a budget and live a unique experience.

By following this essential guide on what to bring camping and packing the right items, you will be well-prepared for your camping adventure. Remember to plan ahead, consider the specific requirements of your destination, and prioritize safety and comfort. Happy camping!

What to bring camping: essential items

What to bring camping: essential items

When preparing for a camping trip, it's important to consider various factors such as the weather conditions, the structure of the campsite, the duration of the trip, and the size of your group.

  • Weather: Check the weather forecast before you go and pack accordingly. Bring appropriate clothing and gear for different weather conditions, such as rain gear for wet weather or extra layers for colder temperatures.
  • Campsite structure: Take into account the facilities available at the campsite. If there are no designated cooking areas, you may need to bring your own camping stove or grill. If there are no restroom facilities, be sure to pack a portable toilet or necessary hygiene products.
  • Duration of the trip: The length of your camping trip will determine the amount of food, water, and other supplies you need to bring. Plan and pack accordingly, considering the number of meals and snacks you'll need for each day.
  • Group size: The size of your group will impact the amount of equipment and supplies required. Make sure to bring enough tents, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils for everyone. Sharing items like cooking gear or camping essentials can help reduce the overall packing load.

By considering these factors and the following list of what to bring camping, you'll have an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Campsite and sleeping gear

Your shelter is one of your most important camping essentials. Depending on your preference, this could range from a simple tent to more upgraded camping gear. A good quality tent should be waterproof and easy to set up. 

Don't forget comfortable sleeping bags suitable for the expected night-time temperatures. You might also want to include some camp lighting options like headlamps or lanterns for those late-night trips outside the tent.

Camping gear for cooking

A well-fed camper is a happy camper! Your camping kitchen gear, including a fuel coleman grill and pots, are key product suggestions when it comes down to packing what you need in order not to leave any hangry campers waiting around the fire pit! 

And, no outdoor experience would be complete without indulging in some classic s'more treats! Make sure you bring along s'mores ingredients including graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. For main meals pack freeze-dried options that are lightweight yet nutritious.

Check out these easy camping meals ideas!

What to bring camping: classic s'more treats

Clothing and footwear

Packing appropriate clothing ensures comfort during outdoor activities. Extra underwear and hiking boots are necessary additions on any camping checklist. Always consider layers – lighter ones for daytime heat and heavier clothes at night when temperatures drop.

Health and hygiene

No matter how far into nature you go, maintaining personal hygiene is crucial. Pack travel-sized toiletries; don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent too! Include a first aid kit stocked with bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and other medical necessities just in case accidents happen while out exploring the wilderness.

Fun camping gear 

Adding fun elements to your trip can make your camping excursion even more memorable. Consider bringing updated camping gear, such as frisbees or even portable games. These items will provide entertainment and additional fun during your outdoor time. 

Personal items and extras

In addition to the above-listed categories, there are a few extra things which can make a difference between an average and a fantastic experience in the wild. Remember to carry a bear-proof food container if visiting national park areas known for their wildlife populations. 

Other useful add-ons may include a multi-tool device, binoculars, or even a portable charger to keep your devices powered throughout the journey. Enjoy planning your next adventure and safe travels!

Extra tip: camping as a volunteer

Volunteering and camping around the world

If you're planning an off-the-beaten-path camping trip, why not consider doing it as a volunteer? Through Worldpackers, you can exchange just a few hours of work for free accommodation and other benefits at campsites all around the world. This is especially beneficial if you don't have much camping experience or are looking to make your perfect camping excursion more affordable.

Some positions to camping around the world

In addition to these options, there are plenty of other amazing volunteering opportunities in campgrounds all around the world. Check them all out here!

Frequently asked questions about what to Bring camping

FAQ's about what to Bring camping

What should we bring when we go camping?

It is essential to bring a tent, sleeping bags, appropriate clothing, camping cookware, food, and water. It is also recommended to have a first aid kit and personal items such as toilet paper and campsite lighting.

How do we pack everything for camping?

Create a detailed checklist and start packing in advance. Group similar items together in resealable bags. Use waterproof containers to protect your belongings. Remember that space is limited, so only bring what is necessary.

How do I prepare for my first camping trip?

Research your destination, review the rules of the area, and create a list of everything you need to bring. Also, make sure you have a plan in case of emergencies and familiarize yourself with setting up the equipment before the trip.

Ready for camping?

what to bring camping: get ready

Preparation is key to a successful camping adventure! Your tent and sleeping bag will be your best friends when it comes to braving the elements and getting a good night's sleep. Don't forget to bring along good lighting for your campsite and pack appropriate clothing to stay comfortable and safe during your trip.

Having the right utensils and equipment in your camping kitchen can turn your outdoor meals into culinary masterpieces. Don't overlook the importance of personal hygiene items and basic tools that can come in handy in unexpected situations.

To add some extra fun to your camping trip, bring along some toys or games that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Remember to familiarize yourself with the rules of the specific national park or campsite you're visiting.

But most importantly, don't forget to savor every moment and enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest. Worldpackers offers incredible opportunities for volunteer travel and camping experiences. Become a member today and embark on an unforgettable journey, knowing that you're well-prepared for an amazing time in the great outdoors.

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