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Women travel groups: your key to safe and exciting travel

Explore the rising trend of women travel groups. Uncover their unique benefits, top picks, and how they're transforming solo female travel.



Ever dreamt of savoring the aroma of a Moroccan souk, or maybe touching the ancient stones of Machu Picchu? How about making those dreams come true with an amazing bunch of like-minded explorers? Yes, I'm talking about women travel groups.

There's something incredibly empowering and uniquely exhilarating about women hitting the road together. Whether it's experiencing new cultures or indulging in off-the-beaten-path adventures, these journeys offer more than just shared wonderful memories.

You might be asking: "Why join a women-only tour?" Well... because they're not just vacations - they're transformative experiences! Plus, who doesn't love some good company?

Let's embark into the world of women's travel groups, with all the information you need for an amazing trip.

Reasons to look for women travel groups

Reasons to look for women travel groups

If you're a woman with an adventurous spirit, joining a women's travel group can be the perfect way to explore new places while enjoying safety and camaraderie. Here are some reasons why you should consider this exciting option:

Safety in numbers

Traveling alone can sometimes feel intimidating or unsafe, especially in unfamiliar territories. 

Women's travel groups offer increased security by ensuring that you always have companionship and support on your journey.

Bonding opportunities

Apart from providing safety, these groups also give members an opportunity to forge deep connections with like-minded individuals

Sharing experiences such as volunteering abroad or exploring new cultures together creates bonds that often last beyond the trip itself.

Catered experiences

Women's travel groups typically organize trips keeping their member's interests at heart. 

This means activities are tailored towards things most enjoyed by women - whether it’s visiting local markets for shopping, yoga retreats, culinary tours or historical sightseeing.

Fostering empowerment

Joining a female-centric group fosters empowerment among its members. 

It gives each individual the chance to step out of her comfort zone and take charge of her own adventure without societal pressures often faced when traveling solo or mixed-gender teams.

How to find travel groups for women: 9 tips

Women travel groups:how to find groups 

Finding travel groups for women can be an enriching experience that provides an opportunity to share adventures with other travelers who share similar interests and goals. Here are some tips on how to find these groups:

1. Search online

The internet is an excellent tool for finding women's travel groups. You can start by searching on search engines, social media platforms, travel forums, and specialized websites. 

Use keywords like "women's travel groups" or "women-only travel" to refine your search.

2. Social media

Platforms like Facebook and Meetup are great places to find women's travel groups. Many groups have a presence on these platforms where they organize events, share travel tips, and connect with potential members. 

3. Travel apps

Many travel-related apps and websites have features for connecting with fellow travelers. You can search for female-only groups or connect with individual female travelers.

4. Travel forums

Participate in travel forums or discussion boards where fellow female travelers share their experiences and recommendations. 

You might come across recommendations for women's travel groups in these communities.

5. Ask for recommendations 

If you have friends or acquaintances who are passionate about travel, ask them if they know of any women's travel groups or have personal recommendations.

6. Travel agencies

Some travel agencies specialize in women-only travel experiences. Check with local travel agencies or look for companies that specifically cater to women's travel needs.

7. Solo female traveler communities

There are communities and organizations dedicated to solo female travelers. Joining such groups can lead to valuable insights and potential travel buddies.

8. Travel clubs and organizations 

Various travel clubs and organizations exclusively cater to women. They often organize group trips and events, providing a ready-made community for female travelers.

9. Niche groups 

Women's travel groups come in various niches, such as adventure, cultural, wellness, and more. Choose a group that aligns with your interests and travel goals.

How to choose the best women travel groups

Women travel groups:how to choose 

Selecting the right women's travel group is crucial to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here are some aspects to consider when making your choice:

  • Travel goals and preferences: Consider your travel goals and preferences. Are you looking for adventure, cultural exploration, relaxation, or a combination? Different groups cater to different interests, so find one that aligns with your aspirations.
  • Reviews and testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from women who have previously traveled with the group. These firsthand accounts can provide valuable insights into the group's reputation and the quality of their experiences.
  • Budget: Consider your budget when choosing a travel group. Some groups may cater to specific price ranges, so ensure that the cost aligns with your financial plans.

  • Safety and support: Assess the level of safety and support provided by the group. Ensure that the group has appropriate safety measures in place and offers support in case of emergencies.

  • Group size: Think about the group size that makes you most comfortable. Some prefer smaller, more intimate groups, while others enjoy the dynamics of larger gatherings.
  • Itinerary and inclusions: Review the group's itinerary and what is included in the package. Check if it covers your desired activities, accommodations, meals, and any additional perks.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a women's travel group that best fits your travel aspirations and expectations.

Volunteer and make friends while traveling

Women travel groups: volunteering 

Embarking on a solo travel adventure can be one of the most empowering experiences for women. The thrill of exploring new places, meeting different people, and immersing oneself in diverse cultures is unparalleled

However, it's not without its challenges - particularly when it comes to finding good company. That's where Worldpackers steps in.

A unique platform that facilitates volunteer or work exchange programs worldwide, Worldpackers offers an affordable and exciting way to travel while contributing positively to local communities. 

Why Worldpackers is a great choice for solo female travelers

  • Affordable travel: Worldpackers offers an alternative to traditional travel by allowing you to exchange your skills and time for accommodation and meals. This can significantly reduce your travel expenses, making it budget-friendly for solo travelers.
  • Cultural immersion: By volunteering, you can immerse yourself in the local culture, connect with communities, and gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit. It's a more authentic way to experience a destination.
  • Empowerment: Worldpackers emphasizes personal growth and empowerment. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, develop new skills, and gain confidence in your ability to navigate the world on your terms.
  • Community building: The platform brings together like-minded travelers, creating a supportive and diverse community. This is especially valuable for solo female travelers, as it provides a sense of belonging and safety.
  • Flexible opportunities: You can choose from a wide range of volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests. Whether you want to work on an organic farm, help with hostel operations, or teach languages, there's a diverse array of projects available.

Examples of Worldpackers hosts in the US and abroad

Women travel groups: volunteering 

These are just a few examples, and Worldpackers hosts are available in numerous countries worldwide. You can choose destinations that align with your interests and travel goals.

Ready to travel?

Women travel groups 

Women travel groups are a rising trend, offering solo female travelers camaraderie and unique experiences. 

From cultural immersions to adrenaline-filled adventures, these trips cater to women's diverse preferences.

So whether you're dreaming of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or exploring local cultures in South America, remember there's probably a women travel group ready to turn those dreams into shared wonderful memories. It’s time you start packing!

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