How Worldpackers works

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The step-by-step guide

Become a member to apply to as many hosts as you want and confirm your trips with all of the security and benefits that Worldpackers offers.

1. Understand how volunteer travel works

Collaborating and sharing experiences with hosts is the best way to experience cultural immersion, learn languages, develop new skills, and make a positive impact in the world.

You help your host for some hours per week and in exchange, you get accommodation and possibly other benefits, such as meals and local activities.

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2. Yes, volunteer travel is definitely for you!

No matter your age, gender, nationality, or living condition, volunteer travel is possible and it’s perfect for taking time to get to know yourself better, find your purpose, and experience other ways of life.

If you’re unsure about this, check out our Blog and Academy to learn how other travelers like you transformed their lives through travel.

3. Find experiences that you want to have

You can collaborate with social projects, NGOs, ecovillages, hostels, and communities and in exchange receive accommodation, meals, and other benefits. We have thousands of hosts in more than 140 countries!

Whether for a vacation, some time off, or to live your life traveling, experience an immersion in the local culture, practice languages, meet new people, and make a positive social impact during your travels.

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4. Don’t let your fears get in the way!

The Worldpackers community is made up of thousands of travelers who have had the same doubts as you, overcome similar challenges, and transformed their life through travel.

Learn how to travel with the money you have and safely volunteer with the Worldpackers hosts.

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5. Become a member of the community

Pick a membership plan to travel alone or with others, get in contact with our hosts, and have access to all of the benefits of our community.

  • Contact any host and confirm as many trips as you like.
  • Worldpackers Insurance: we’ll cover the cost of emergency stays for you to help you out!
  • Count on Worldpackers Support before, during, and after your trips
  • Connect with other travelers and learn about their previous volunteering experiences.
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6. Complete your profile and earn certificates in our Academy

To stand out to hosts and increase your chances of being accepted, complete your profile with as much information as possible and get certificates in the Academy, specially the "How to become an outstanding Worldpacker" certificate.

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7. Apply to as many hosts as you want

Find the volunteer positions that interest you, verify their requirements, and send that heartfelt message telling why you love that opportunity. You’ll be able to message your host to ask your questions and get to know them better.

Remember to check for required documentation, tickets, and the health recommendations from local authorities.

8. Get pre-approved and confirm your trip

If a host thinks you’re a good fit for their position, they’ll pre-approve you so you can confirm your stay.

Confirming your trip on our platform is essential to gain access to all of the security features of our community like our support team and WP Insurance. Also, it will allow you to leave and receive reviews at the end of your trip, helping your host to improve and keeping our community safe for everyone.

9. Travel and collaborate with your host

The long-awaited moment has arrived! Pack your bags and prepare to be welcomed by your host. Travel with an open mind, be ready to learn from cultural differences and the local realities, develop new skills, and make a positive impact.

Collaboration is what makes this experience possible. So be proactive and conscientious about helping your host, always remembering to honor what you agreed to on our platform.

10. Travel with peace of mind with the WP Insurance

With WP Insurance, if you have to leave an exchange early because something didn’t go as you agreed on our site, our team will help you to find a new host to continue volunteering. Since this can take more time than we’d like, we can also reimburse you for nights in a shared hostel room if necessary ;)

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11. Get positive reviews and enjoy even more benefits

At the end of your exchange, you and your host will leave reviews about your experience together. For each positive review you get, you’ll stand out more to hosts, have better chances of getting accepted, and get discounts on your plan renewals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! To do so, you need to choose the Worldpackers couples/friends plan, which allows you to apply to and confirm only two-person trips during the plan’s validity.

If you’d like to take children, minors, or animals with you, you first of all have to ask your host about the possibility. Hosts may not want to accept these travel companions because of unsuitable living situations, so a good conversation to get you on the same page will clear everything up for you.

You are responsible for all of the documents needed to enter another country and arrive at your destination, be they visas, documentation, insurance, or vaccinations, for example. As every country has different requirements, it’s a good idea to check your destination country’s embassy website. Learn more about Visas and Immigration.

No. Worldpackers is a community based on win-win, collaborative relationships, where exchanges are opportunities for learning, development, and cultural exchange. For our volunteer experiences, you can easily see what is and is not included on each position’s page: accommodation, meals, trips, lessons, etc. All other related logistics are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Yes! When you become a Worldpackers member, whether with a Trips or Pack plan, you can apply to hosts’ positions, get answers to your questions, and confirm your volunteer trip.

If you ever need to end a volunteer experience early because a host isn’t honoring your agreement, our support team will help you to find a new host to continue your trip. As this may take more time than we’d like, we can reimburse you for up to three nights of accommodation in shared rooms in hostels, if necessary. Learn more here.