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Please read these Terms of Service carefully and thoroughly as they contain important information about your rights, remedies and obligations. By accessing or using the Worldpackers Platform, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms of Service and to be bound by them.

Last Update: March 25, 2019

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These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a binding agreement ("Agreement") between you and Worldpackers (as defined below), governing your access to and use of the Worldpackers website, including its sub-domains, and any other sites on which Worldpackers makes available its services (collectively, "Site"), our mobile applications, tablet or other applicable smart device, and application program interfaces (collectively, "Application") and all related services (collectively, "Worldpackers' Services"). The Worldpackers Site, Application and Services will be collectively referred to as the "Worldpackers Platform". Our Privacy Statement and other Policies applicable to your use of the Worldpackers Platform are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

When these Terms mention "Worldpackers," "us," "our," "ours," and other grammatical variations of the first-person plural, they refer to the Worldpackers company with which you are executing an Agreement. The entity with whom you will execute an Agreement will generally be determined according to your country of residence. Your " country of residence "; corresponds to the jurisdiction associated with your Worldpackers Account as defined through your express selection or an evaluation of your residence by Worldpackers using various features of various data associated with your Worldpackers Account.

  • If your country of residence is Brazil, you are signing an Agreement with Worldpackers S.A.
  • If your country of residence is not Brazil, you are entering into an Agreement with Worldpackers Corp., 299 Alhambra Cir, Suite 403 Coral Gables, 33134, USA.

If you change your country of residence, the Worldpackers company with which you have a contract will be determined by your new country of residence as specified above, from the date on which the change of your country of residence occurred.

Our Privacy Policy contains a description of collection and use of personal information by Worldpackers related to your access to and use of the Worldpackers Platform.

Table of Contents

  1. Scope of Worldpackers' Services
  2. Eligibility, Use of the Worldpackers Platform, User Verification
  3. Changes to these Terms
  4. Account Registration
  5. Content
  6. Member
  7. Worldpackers Insurance
  8. Specific Terms for Hosts
  9. Specific Terms for Guests
  10. Changes, Cancellations and Resolutions Center
  11. Rating and Reviews
  12. Damage to Accommodations, Member Litigation
  13. Termination, Suspension and Other Measures
  14. Exemptions
  15. Responsibility
  16. Feedback
  17. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. Scope of Worldpackers' Services

1.1 The Worldpackers Platform is a space that fosters the connection between travelers who have joined the annual membership ("Travelers" or "Members") and owners, managers or leaders ("Hosts") of hostels, inns, NGOs, communities, ecological projects, guesthouses, lodges, ecolodges, and the like. ("Accommodations";) worldwide which create a Position Posting ("Posting" ) with the purpose of encouraging collaborative learning relationships and cultural exchange between these parties, where the Traveler can assist the Host and receive free accommodation, food and other benefits to be combined directly and exclusively with the Host in exchange for helping. Travelers and Hosts are referred to as "Users";.

1.2 As the Worldpackers Platform provider, Worldpackers does not own, create, sell, resell, sustain, manage, control, offer, deliver or supply any vacancy or position posting or host profile, does not organize any travel, does not intermediate labor relationships or is responsible in any way for the arrangements made between Travelers and Hosts after the first meeting on the platform. Hosts are solely responsible for the positions posted by them. When members apply for a position and are accepted, they enter into an agreement directly with the host. Worldpackers is not and does not become party to any Member and Host agreement, nor is Worldpackers a travel agency, employment agency, insurance company or similar. Worldpackers does not act as an agent in any capacity for a User. Our scope is limited to that described in item 1.1.

1.3 Although we may and wish to assist in facilitating dispute resolution, Worldpackers has no control over and does not guarantee (i) the existence, quality, safety, sustainability or enforceability of any Position or Host Profile, (ii) the truthfulness and the accuracy of any descriptions of Position, Ratings, Comments, or other Contents of a Profile (whether belonging to Member or Host) as defined below, or (iii) the performance or conduct of any User or third party. Worldpackers does not endorse any specific Traveler, Position Position or Host Profile. Any references to a User being "verified" (or similar language) only indicates that the User has completed a relevant verification process, and nothing more. None of these descriptions means endorsement, certification or warranty provided by Worldpackers on the User, including the User's identity or history, or whether the User is reliable, safe or suitable. You are responsible for taking all necessary precautions when deciding whether to stay in an Accommodation, participate in an Experience or Event, enter into an Agreement with a Host, accept an application for a Position, or communicate and interact with other Users, whether online or in person.

1.4 To promote the Worldpackers Platform and increase reach of Postings to prospective Travelers, the Positions and other User Content may be disclosed on other sites, in applications, e-mails, and online and offline advertisements. To assist users who speak different languages, the content of the Position Postings or other User content may be, totally or partially, translated into other languages.

1.5 The Worldpackers Platform may contain links to third party sites or resources (“Third Party Services”). These Third Party Services may be subject to different terms and conditions and privacy practices. Worldpackers is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such Third Party Services, nor for the content, products or services available on these Third Party Services. The Links to these Third Party Services are not an endorsement of Worldpackers for such Third Party Services.

1.6 Due to the nature of the Internet, Worldpackers can not guarantee uninterrupted and continuous availability and accessibility of the Worldpackers Platform. Worldpackers may restrict the availability of Worldpackers Platform or certain areas or resources related thereto, if necessary by considering the capacity limits, security or integrity of our servers, or to perform maintenance measures that ensure due or improved operation of the Worldpackers Platform. Worldpackers may optimize and upgrade the Worldpackers Platform and introduce new Worldpackers Services from time to time

2. Eligibility, Use of the Worldpackers Platform, User Verification

2.1 You must be at least 18 years old and be able to enter into binding agreements to access and use the Worldpackers Platform or register a Worldpackers Account. By accessing or using the Worldpackers Platform, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years old or older and have the legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract.

2.2 Worldpackers may decide that the access to and use of the Worldpackers Platform, or certain areas or resources of the Worldpackers Platform, are subject to certain conditions or requirements, such as completing a verification process, meeting specific eligibility or quality criteria, complying to principles of Ratings or Reviews, or a user's application history and cancellations.

2.3 It is difficult to verify the User on the Internet, and we do not take responsibility for the confirmation of identity of any User. Notwithstanding the above, for purposes of transparency and prevention of fraud, and as permitted by applicable laws, we can, but we have no obligation to (i) ask Users to provide official identification or other information or do inspections designed to help verify their identities and histories, (ii) make a sampling of Users compared to third-party databases or other sources and request reports from service providers, and (iii) when we have sufficient information to identify a User, get reports of criminal convictions from public records or sex offenders records or any equivalent version of records or a history of sexual assault in the local jurisdiction (if available).

2.4 The access to or use of certain areas or certain features of the Worldpackers Platform may be subject to separate policies, standards or guidelines, or may require you to accept additional terms and conditions. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the terms and conditions applicable to a particular area or feature of the Worldpackers Platform, the latest terms and conditions shall prevail with respect to access to and use of said area or resource, unless otherwise specified.

3. Modifying these Terms

3.1 Worldpackers reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with this provision. If we change these Terms, we will post the revised Terms on the Worldpackers Platform and update the "Last Update" date at the beginning of these terms. We will also send an e-mail with a notice of the changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the changes.

3.2 If you disagree with the amended Terms, you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. We will inform you of your right to terminate the Agreement in the notification e-mail. If you do not terminate your Agreement prior to the effective date of the amended Terms, your continued access to or use of the Worldpackers Platform constitutes your agreement to said amended Terms.

4. Account Registration

4.1 You must register an account ("Worldpackers Account") to access and use certain features of the Worldpackers Platform, such as posting a position, applying to a position or exchanging messages with a Host.

4.2 You can register a Worldpackers Account using an e-mail address and creating a password, or through a connection with your account in certain third-party social networking services, such as Facebook. You have the ability to disable the connection between your Worldpackers Account and your Social Network Account at any time by accessing the "Settings" section of the Worldpackers Platform.

4.3 You must provide current, accurate and complete information during the registration process and keep your Worldpackers Account information and the Worldpackers Account profile page up to date.

4.4 You may not register more than 1 (one) Worldpackers Account, unless Worldpackers authorizes you to do so. You may not assign or transfer your Worldpackers Account to any third party.

4.5 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Worldpackers Account credentials and may not disclose such credentials to third parties. You must notify Worldpackers immediately if you become aware or have any reason to suspect that your credentials have been misplaced, stolen, misappropriated or otherwise compromised or in case of unauthorized use or suspected unauthorized use of your Worldpackers Account. You are responsible for any and all activity conducted through your Worldpackers Account, unless such activities are not authorized by you and providing that you have not been negligent (such as not reporting unauthorized use or loss of your credentials).

5. Content

5.1 Worldpackers may, in its sole discretion, allow Users to (i) create, upload, post, send, receive, and store content, such as text, photos, audio, video, or other materials and information on or through the Worldpackers Platform (“User Content”); and (ii) access and view User Content and any other content that Worldpackers makes available on or through the Worldpackers Platform, including Worldpackers owned content and any content licensed or authorized for use by or through Worldpackers by a third party ("Worldpackers Content" and, in conjunction with the User Content, "Collective Content").

5.2 The Worldpackers Platform, Worldpackers Content and User Content may, in whole or in part, be protected by copyrights, trademarks and / or other laws of Brazil, the United States, and other countries. You acknowledge and agree that Worldpackers Platform and Worldpackers Content, including all associated intellectual property rights, are the exclusive property of Worldpackers and / or its licensors or authorized third parties. You must not remove, alter or conceal any copyright, trademark, service mark or other proprietary or intellectual property rights incorporated or accompanying the Worldpackers Platform, Worldpackers Content or User Content. All Worldpackers trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and any other source identifiers used in or in connection with the Worldpackers Platform and the Worldpackers Content are registered trademarks and brands of Worldpackers in Brazil, the United States and worldwide. Trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and any other designations owned by Third Parties used in connection with the Worldpackers Platform, Worldpackers Content and / or Worldpackers Collective Content and Content are used for identification purposes only and may be the property of their respective owners.

5.3 You must not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit or otherwise exploit the Worldpackers Platform or the Collective Content, except to the extent that you are the owner of a particular User Content or as expressly permitted in these Terms. No license or rights are granted by implication or otherwise under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by Worldpackers or its licensors, except for the licenses and rights expressly granted in these Terms.

5.4 Subject to your compliance with these Terms, Worldpackers grants you a non-transferable, revocable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, limited license to (i) download and use the Application in your personal device (s); and (ii) access and view any Collective Content made available on or through the Worldpackers Platform and accessible to you only for your personal, non-commercial use.

5.5 By creating, uploading, posting, sending, receiving, storing or making available any User Content on or through the Worldpackers Platform, you grant Worldpackers a worldwide, transferrable, sublicensable, perpetual (or for a period of protection), irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive license over said User Content, allowing us to access, use, store, copy, modify, make derivative works from, distribute, publish, transmit, forward or otherwise exploit said User Content to provide and / or promote the Worldpackers Platform, in any medium or platform. Except if you give specific consent, Worldpackers does not claim any proprietary rights over any User Content and nothing in these Terms will be deemed to restrict any rights you may have to use or exploit your User Content.

5.6 You are solely responsible for all Member Content you make available on, or through, the Worldpackers Platform. So, you represent and warrant that: (i) you are the sole and exclusive owner of all user content that you make available on or through the Worldpackers Platform or you have all rights, licenses, consents and clearances required to grant Worldpackers the rights to such User Content, as contemplated in these Terms, and (ii) neither the User Content nor the publication, uploading, display or transmission of User Content, or the use of said User Content by Worldpackers (or any part thereof) will break, evict or violate a third party's patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other proprietary rights or intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy, or result in violation of any applicable law or regulation.

5.7 You will not post, upload, upload, send or transmit any User Content that: (i) is fraudulent, false, misleading (directly or by omission or failure to update information) or derogatory; (ii) is defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive; (iii) promotes discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, harassment or harms any individual or group; (iv) is violent or threatening or promotes violence or acts that are threatening to any person or animal; or (v) promotes harmful or illegal substances or activities; or that violates any other Worldpackers policy. Worldpackers may, without any warning, remove or disable access to any User Content that Worldpackers deems as violation of these Terms or that may be reprehensible or prejudicial to Worldpackers, its Members, third parties or to its property.

5.8 Worldpackers respects the copyright law and expects its Users to do the same. If you believe that any content on the Worldpackers Platform infringes copyright of your property, please notify us at [email protected]

6. Member

6.1 “Member” is also known as a Traveler, who has subscibed to the Annual Plan and paid the fee (“Membership Fee”). It is to be understood that anyone who subscribes to the Annual Plan will automatically become a Member and will have their billing information verified, ensuring more security and reliability to the platform. In addition, all Members necessarily commit to community policies, showing their commitment and willingness to contribute to the Hosts and their willingness to travel using their skills.

6.2 Members gain full access to: i) Apply, talk and confirm stay with as many Worldpackers hosts as they wish for a period of 1 year; ii) Assistance during any Worldpackers trip; iii) Worldpackers insurance during the trip if necessary; iv) Receive and leave evaluations from and about their Hosts;

6.3 Worldpackers reserves the right to change Membership Fees at any time, we will notify Users in advance in case of any fee changes before they are applied.

6.4 The Annual Plan Cancellation policy is as follows: if the traveler requests reimbursement within 7 days after the purchase of the Annual Plan and has not used the services (no application / no response from hosts; no pre-approval, no confirmed travel) they will be able to receive a cash refund;

7. Worldpackers Insurance

7.1 If, for any reason, the Host does not respect what was previously agreed upon (from the date of arrival), Worldpackers will assist the Traveler in finding another host nearby so that they can exchange skills for accommodation. If we can not relocate the Traveler, Worldpackers will pay for nights in another hostel, in a shared room previously selected in the same city, or will deposit the amount equivalent to the plan paid by the User as compensation.

7.1.1 Worldpackers Insurance is only applicable in cases where the responsibility falls entirely upon the host; and only during the period of the experience; The start and end dates of the experience that are included in the travel confirmation are considered; If the dates are modified in agreement between host and traveler, but there is no change of these within the platform, Worldpackers Insurance is not valid;

7.1.2 Only Members are entitled to Worldpackers Insurance; The Worldpackers Insurance is valid with each confirmed trip. If you have two or more confirmed trips, you will have the same number of Worldpackers Insurances to use; The Worldpackers Insurance will be provided to the traveler after the contact and reporting of the situation to the Worldpackers Support team;

7.1.3 If a Traveler pays for the reservation, they must send legible copies of the receipts to [email protected] or to the Travel Buddy, within the platform; If Worldpackers itself makes the reservation, there is no need to send the receipts; Worldpackers is not responsible for fees charged when making refund deposits after the activation of insurance.

7.1.4 Brazilian travelers will receive a refund via bank deposit. Those in other parts of the world can only receive a refund via PayPal; It is important to have an active PayPal account so that we can make a refund; For withdrawal of money from the PayPal account, the rules of that site apply. PayPal itself charges a fee for the financial transaction. This rate corresponds to 5.99% of the deposited amount + a flat rate depending on the local currency (eg.: $ 0.30, € 0.35)

8. Specific Terms for Hosts

8.1 When creating an Posting through the Worldpackers Platform, you must (i) provide complete and accurate information about the positions you are offering (such as description of the intended help, help offered in return, location where this exchange will take place and calendar availability), (ii) disclose any deficiencies, difficulties and restrictions inherent to the place or position and requirements that apply (such as a minimum Traveler age, proficiency or physical size required for a particularposition); and (iii) provide any other relevant information requested by Worldpackers. You are responsible for keeping your Posting information updated at all times (including calendar availability).

8.2 You are solely responsible for establishing the conditions for your Position Posting. Once a Traveler applies for an advertised position and you accept it, you must contact the Traveler and address any other condition, detail or agreement directly and exclusively with him or her regarding the exchange that will take place.

8.3 Any terms and conditions included in your Posting, especially regarding cancellations, shall not conflict with these Terms.

8.4 The placement and rank of Postings in search results on the Worldpackers Platform may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as Traveler preferences and search parameters, Host requirements, calendar availability and position description, number and quality of the Images, cancellation history, Comments, Ratings and Reviews.

9. Specific Terms for Travelers

9.1 Subject to any requests (such as completing any verification processes) established by Worldpackers and / or Host, you may apply for a Position Posting available on the Worldpackers Platform only after you have paid for the Annual Membership. Only then will the respective application process be available.

9.2 Upon receipt of an application confirmation from Worldpackers, there's the possibility of message exchanging between Traveler and Host, from where they are free in respect to their respective free will, to establish any additional terms and conditions that they believe is necessary.

9.3 You understand that a confirmed application of a Position ("Position Reservation") is a limited license granted to you by the Host to enter, occupy and enjoy the Accommodation and other advantages agreed upon for the duration of your stay, in accordance with your agreement with the Host.

9.4 You agree to leave the Accommodation no later than the date and time specified by the Host in the Position Posting or comply with other mutually agreed time between you and the Host. If you stay in the accommodation beyond the agreed period of checkout without the consent of the Host ("Extended Stay";), you will no longer be licensed to remain in the Accommodation, and the Host will have the right to request your departure in a manner consistent with applicable law.

10. Changes, Cancellations and Resolutions Center

10.1 Hosts and Guests are responsible for any changes to the Position that they make through the Worldpackers Platform or directly between them. Worldpackers is not responsible for confirmations, cancellations and other combinations outside its platform;

10.2 Travelers may cancel a confirmed position at any time by informing the Host directly as soon as possible, as well as informing them via the Worldpackers Platform, using the "Cancel Stay" button. If a traveler cancels a trip 7 days in advance or less, they will automatically get a 1-star rating with the words "traveler canceled last minute"; and this may affect their reputation on our Platform.

10.3 Hosts may also cancel at any time, however, in order to ensure trust and transparency in our community, the following penalties will apply in case of cancellations made by Hosts:

10.3.1 The information that a trip has been canceled will be publicly registered on the Host's profile. There will be a possibility to write a public response to clarify the reason for the cancellation;

10.3.2 In the event of repeated cancellations, the host will forfeit the eligibility to become a Top Host on the platform for a period of 6 months from the date of the most recent cancellation;

10.3.3 In case of recurrence - 3 or more last-minute cancellations (30 days before the trip starts) within a year, the Worldpackers team will evaluate the situation and may deactivate the profile;

10.3.4 In case of extenuating circumstances, such as natural disasters, endemic diseases, serious damage to accommodation or changes in the visa or passport requirements of the country, the host may contact the staff to review the trip cancellation record in their profile.

10.4 For the Traveler, in case of last minute cancellation by the Host:

10.4.1 In the absence of availability in the city previously chosen as destination, the Worldpackers support team reserves the right to find hosts in alternative cities and / or positions that differ from the initial position.

10.4.2 Worldpackers is not responsible nor covers the transportation costs and/or similar if there is a need to change the destination city during the relocation process.

10.4.3 If cancellation takes place 30 days in advance or less: Worldpackers support team will do its best to help you find a new host within the travel period shown on the trip confirmation within the platform, but there are no guarantees that it will always be possible.

10.5 In certain circumstances, Worldpackers may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to cancel a confirmed position and make appropriate arrangements to notify both parties as soon as possible. This may occur (i) when Worldpackers believes in good faith, taking into account the legitimate interests of both parties, that it is necessary to avoid significant losses to Worldpackers, other Users, third parties or property, or (ii) for any of the reasons set forth in these Terms.

11. Rating and Reviews

11.1 Within a certain period of time after completing an experience in a position with a Host, both Traveler and Host may leave a public review ("Review") and make a star rating ("Rating";) about each other. Ratings and Reviews reflect the opinions of individual users and do not reflect the opinion of Worldpackers. Ratings and Reviews are not checked by Worldpackers for accuracy and may be incorrect or misleading.

11.2 Ratings and Reviews made by Guests and Hosts must be accurate and may not contain any defamatory or offensive language. Ratings and Reviews are subject and agree to these terms.

11.3 Users are prohibited from manipulating the Rating and Review system in any way, such as instructing a third party to write a positive or negative review about the other User.

11.4 Ratings and Reviews are part of a User's public profile and may also appear elsewhere in the Worldpackers Platform (such as on the Posting page) along with other relevant information such as number of applications, number of cancellations, average response and other information.

11.5 Once a Rating or Review is made, it is not possible to change or edit it.

12. Damage to Accommodations, Member Litigation

12.1 Worldpackers shall not be liable for damages, actions or omissions of Users, arising from combinations made directly between Users; Worldpackers only connects Travelers to Hosts.

12.2 As a Traveler, you are responsible for leaving the Accommodation (including any personal property or other property located on the Accommodation) as it was when you arrived.

13. Termination, Suspension and Other Measures

13.1 Worldpackers may terminate this Agreement without notice and / or stop providing access to the Worldpackers Platform if (i) you have materially violated your obligations under these or any other of our Terms (ii) you have violated the laws, regulations, or rights of third parties, or (iii) Worldpackers believes in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the personal safety or property of Worldpackers, its Users, or third parties (for example, in the case of fraudulent behavior by a User).

13.2 Furthermore, Worldpackers can take any of the following measures (i) to comply with applicable law, or with the decision or requirement of a court, requirement of law or other governmental or administrative agency, or if (ii) you have violated these Terms or any other term present in our platform, the law, regulations or the rights of any third party, (iii) if you have provided incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or fraudulent information in the Worldpackers Account Registration step, position posting registration process or related, (iv) if you and/or your postings or Host services at any time do not meet any eligibility criteria or quality, (v) if you have repeatedly received Negative Ratings, Comments or Reviews or if Worldpackers becomes aware of or receives complaints about your performance or conduct, or (vi) if you have repeatedly cancelled confirmed reservations or not answered an application for an position without a valid reason:

  • Cancellation of any confirmed or pending reservations;
  • Limitation of your access to or use of the Worldpackers Platform;
  • Temporary or permanent termination of any special situation related to your Worldpackers Account;
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of your Worldpackers Account and interruption of access to the Worldpackers Platform in case of recurring or serious offenses, without any right to any refund.

13.3 In case of non-material breaches and as appropriate, you will be notified of any intended action by Worldpackers and will have the opportunity to resolve the problem to Worldpackers reasonable satisfaction.

13.4 When this Agreement is terminated, you will not be entitled to a restoration of your Worldpackers Account or any of your Member Contents. If your access to or use of the Worldpackers Platform is limited, or your Worldpackers Account is suspended or this Agreement is terminated by us, you will not be able to register a new Worldpackers Account or access and use the Worldpackers Platform, not even through the Worldpackers Account of another User.

14. Exemptions

14.1 If you choose to use the Worldpackers Platform or the Collective Content, you do so voluntarily and at your own risk. The Worldpackers Platform and the Collective Content are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

14.2 You agree that you have had every opportunity to consider investigating the Worldpackers Services, applicable law, rules or regulations that may apply to your Postings and / or Host Services received by you, and which you may not trust, in any statement of law or fact disclosed by Worldpackers regarding a Posting.

14.3 If we choose to perform such identity or history checks with any Member, as permitted by applicable law, we disclaim warranties of any kind, express or implied, that such controls will identify a prior wrongful act by a user or will ensure that the Member shall not engage in unlawful acts in the future.

14.4 You agree that certain Experiences, Events, Other Host Services or Group Payment Service may carry inherent risks, and that by participating in such services you choose to voluntarily assume such risks. For example, some Host Services may pose a risk of illness, bodily injury, disability or death, and you have the freedom and right to take such risks by choosing to participate in such Host Services. You assume full responsibility for your choices before, during and after participating in a Host Service or Group Payment Service.

15. Responsibility

15.1 The Experts are not employees / spokespersons of the company, so any information they give is not an official positioning of Worldpackers. They are travelers who have already lived many experiences and want to help others travel;

15.2 Worldpackers is a platform of connection between travelers and hosts and, for this reason, it is not responsible for any arrangement made between the two parties after the first contact via platform.

15.3 Any arrangement between traveler and host made outside the platform (such as financial aid, service or overtime), it is up to the traveler to agree. If you do not agree, immediately report to Worldpackers for platform quality measures to be taken.

15.3.1 Worldpackers is not responsible for theft or damage done by Users during the experiment, and reaffirms the importance of contacting local authorities and communicating the Worldpackers team about any incident;

15.3.2 Worldpackers is not responsible for documentation, travel or health insurance, visas or local legislation, and it is the responsibility of the Traveler to prepare their own documentation;

15.3.3 The content of ratings, reviews, comments, articles, videos, podcasts, or other media available on the platform are generated by community users, and may not reflect company views.

15.4 You acknowledge and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, you remain liable for any risk arising from your access to and use of the Worldpackers Platform and Collective Content, publication or reservation of any Posting through the Worldpackers Platform, your stay at any Accommodation, participation in any Experience or Event or use of any other Host Service, or any other interaction you have with other Users, whether personally or online.

16. Feedback

16.1 We appreciate and encourage feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements to the Worldpackers Platform ("Feedback"). You can send us Feedback via e-mail or through the Help section in the Worldpackers Platform, or by any other means of communication.

16.2 Any Feedback you send us will be considered non-confidential and will not be considered as your property. By submitting Feedback, you give us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicenseable and perpetual license to use and publish those ideas and materials for any purpose without paying you for it.

17. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

17.1 If your country of residence is Brazil, you are signing a contract with Worldpackers S.A.

17.2 If your country of residence is not Brazil, you are entering into a contract with Worldpackers Corp., 299 Alhambra Cir, Suite 403 Coral Gables, 33134, USA.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].